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Tom Tom. Kratom, mitragyna speciosa

Basher - Sia daai kong - เสียดายของ
Thai music.
Kratom ( mitragyna speciosa ) isbanned in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Australia. In the rest of the world, including the US,Kratom is legal and no prescription is required to purchase it.

In the first place Kratom is apowerful pain-killing stimulant. It was discovered as the silver bullet to shoot people throughlong, tiresome and dangerous jungle trips. Kratom was the magic leaf to replace exhaustion withspirited energy, to bring aching muscles and tired bones back to top form.

When the days of longjungle walks finally were over, Kratom brought rubber tappers though tough working shifts thatalready started long before sunrise in the weary hours of the night.

Along with the thriving rubbertrade in the region, there was also a thriving and very lucrative opium trade which was beingexploited by the influential people of that time. This of course was very easily done due to thevery addictive properties of opium.

Unfortunately though for Kratom this was also the beginningof its end. The victims of Opium addiction in Thailand had found a way to cure themselves of theirhabitual addiction without suffering the almost unbearable withdrawal symptoms which one gets fromstopping the use of substances like opium. KRATOM!!!! It actually worked and by chewing Kratomleaves just before going into the withdrawal phase after not having any opium for a period of time,these opium addicts were able to almost eliminate the pain associated with withdrawal and breaktheir addiction once and for all!!

The research into the alkaloids of Kratom has so far proven tobe more challenging than expected. It could be shown that some of these alkaloids have very specificeffects on the central nervous system that explain the pain-killing effects of Kratom. It is howeverstill unclear how the stimulating and psychotropic effects are created.

Clinical research has shownthat a significant number of patients for the treatment of acute and/or chronic pain prefer Kratomto other drugs that theoretically should be stronger or have more side effects. This especiallyapplies to opiates and opioids.

Indeed Kratom is still popular in South East Asia for theself-treatment of heroin addiction, while in western countries Kratom is gaining popularity in theself-treatment of methadone and other drug addictions. So it can be stated that beside its strongpain relieving effects, Kratom therapy is also is an extremely effective way to treat addiction ofmany dangerous drugs, both legal and illegal.

Scientists in the last decades have described anddefined a growing number of conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome in which physiological as wellas psychological factors seem to be implicated. Also in such cases Kratom was reported as one ofseveral promising treatments.

Kratom finally seems to have combined topical and systematic effectsin certain applications. There are first reports of highly refreshing hot footbaths prepared withKratom. Preliminary studies for Kratom as a cosmetic are going on: Kratom based creams and lotionsare said to rejuvenate stressed skin and reduce wrinkles.

So we can resume Kratom benefits asfollows: painkilling - stimulating - activating - socially enhancing - skin rejuvenating

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