Dienstag, 29. März 2011

DodecahedronBoi - Send Your Demos Elsewhere

Directed by Ivan Landau
Music written and produced by Jack Mc Manus
Words and vocals by TimFrommeyer
Woman in video is Sivitri Delphia
Projection created by Andrew Jones

Why wordsimpress I can't suppress
confess this during that convention
conversations makes ideas melt intonew inventions.
innovative impregnated surface kratom
great tim now get back towork
konzentrate your mind on something other than procrastination
of this nation
hesitationheld the kid thin, did he ever feel like he was slippin
hell yeah
get him ready for a dicking
fromthe rabi the pope and muhachicken
all together
buddah watching, gettin no erection cause he neitherfeels warm nor cold
no effect no affection
introspecting around
others infecting the crowd withsum bullshit
hes just fine chillin and grillin and
grinning and winning
no whining while surfing thevibe
and did he ever, did he ever or
what what stop stop
checkout the knockout while you getchecked out by a knocker
knock the locker to checkout all of the products you bought
bo bo boboooojaaa chakademus
send your demos elsewhere. we dont like them.
fight dem fights at day ratherthan at night
alright, just stop your hidin.
send your demos elsewhere cause we dont like them.

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