Sonntag, 27. März 2011

MoJo Kratom

Mojo Kratom
Potency (30X)
Kratom explained:
Medicinal leaf from southeast Asia
Treats Pain
Prolongssexual intercourse
Creates both a numbing and stimulating sensation
Effects can last 1-4 hours.
Thisis MoJo Kratom. It cannot be compared to any other Kratom. 80% of the Kratom on the market is weak,cheap and has very little effect. Our % markup is small even when compared to less expensive Kratom.That's because QUALITY Kratom cost $$$! We price it right so you can continue to keep buying. MostKratom users use it on a steady basis therefore we understand your needs and want a steady customeras well.
MoJo Kratom is the absolute finest!
Do not be fooled by other imitations using the "MoJo"name.
There is only one MoJo Kratom!
Our Kratom is made in Louisiana Cajun country! It is the worldsabsolute finest.

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